One of the most common mistakes you can make in your bio or About Me page is to overload it with boring information about all your accomplishments. Believe me, I know the urge. You think people need to know where you went to college and they need to have a chronological description of all your career moves. I've seen hundreds of these bios––they're ubiquitous. And, they lack the one element that will actually move a reader to care about you and what you're doing: Authenticity. 

What's a boring, conventional bio costing you? What happens when someone eager to learn about you and your services reads your bio and they leave uninspired and disconnected? Do you squander opportunities for increased revenue ? Do you get fewer clients? Lose donations to your cause? All of the above? 

Maybe you've been told that your bio shouldn't be too personal or revealing; or, perhaps you believe it needs to be "professional" for potential investors or partners; or it could be that you think just slapping up any old bio is good enough. There are many reasons to justify keeping your same old boring bio––and they're all incredibly damaging to you and your business. These misconceptions are missed opportunities to make real connections with your audience.

The good news is there's a better way to write a bio––one that is compelling and authentic; one that makes the reader want to meet you in person and learn more about you and what you're doing. But you have to go there. You have to be willing to get a little vulnerable and share why you're doing what you're doing the first place. You have to give your audience an opportunity to get to know you, show them that you're real, and invite them into your world.

I can help you do that. I've helped clients write authentic, compelling bios that defy the conventions and lead to greater connections with their audience. I will work with you to dig beyond the superficial stuff and get to the real you––your values, your goals, your reasons for being. Together, we will craft a bio that will transform the way you present yourself to the wold––and the way your audience sees you in that world. 

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