You're working on something wonderful––something that's going to change the world in a tangible and meaningful way. You're mission-driven. You have purpose. Does your content convey this message? Is your audience moved by it? Does it inspire them? Do they have a reason to care about what you do? Are you telling them the whole story? And do they connect with your story? 

Do the people reading your words know your "why"? Do you know your why? When you know your why your audience connects more deeply with your message––and by extension your brand and your organization. 

I can help you find your why and infuse it into your content. My biggest strength is strategizing with you to uncover the hidden story in your narrative and bring it to the surface. It's your story, so I can't write it for you. Think of me more as a strategic thought partner who helps you develop your content with depth, concision, and clarity. 

And once your content is written, I am your developmental editor––a final set of eyes to wordsmith your writing so that it says exactly what you want it to say. Together we create content that is authentic and compelling, and that will move your audience to take action. 

I can help you develop your: 

  • Brand messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Bio or About Me page
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Resume or cover letter
  • Mission, vision, values statement
  • Web copy
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Pitch decks

Photo by Rachel Koslofsky