You might not be ready to commit to going through the process of finding your origin story. Or maybe you know your origin story pretty well, but you just need a little extra help implementing it. Perhaps you just want to run a few ideas by someone who can give you expert advice and feedback on particular things you're working on. I can help you with all of that. That's what I'm here for. I can help you: 

• Get clarity on your strategy, story, naming, or brand direction(s);

• Find the right brand voice;

• Craft and fine-tune your messaging;

• Learn to speak to your audience;

• Generate content strategy ideas;

• Get unstuck;

Basically, you can use your time with me any way you like––these are just some of the possibilities. Book an hour, or, if you think you need a little more time, book 90 minutes and save a little dough in the process. I look forward to talking with you.