How do we find belonging?


Before you can belong to a group or community with others, you have to belong to yourself. Without self-acceptance––being able to own and clearly communicate who you are, what you stand for, and why you care––you will not find a true sense of belonging.

And if you are unclear on where, to what, and to whom you belong, you will not be able to help create belonging for others.

This, then, is the work.

Creating cultures of belonging is first and foremost personal development work. You must be willing to get vulnerable and be self-reflective––to assess and honor your journey with self-compassion and curiosity. You must be able to articulate your evolution of consciousness––what you used to think, what you have learned, and what you think now.

The transformation occurs when you realize you are in complete alignment, and when others experience the authentic power of your true self. That’s what it means to belong. And when you belong, you thrive.

So how does that happen? I focus on three core areas to architect your transformation.


Personal Narrative

Belonging begins with self-acceptance, which happens when you can clearly articulate your "why." To do this, you must know and own your story. You must identify the pivotal moments in your life––the events that shaped you, the people who have inspired you to greatness. I help architect your compelling, authentic narrative so you can show up in the world as a powerful force for good. 


Values Alignment

What do you stand for? What will you not tolerate? How do you show up for others? How do practice self-compassion? Why do you care about what you care about? These questions are easily answered when you know and live your values. I help you get clarity on your values and infuse them into your personal narrative, so you can live your "why" and be in complete alignment. You'll notice a big difference––and so will others. 


Purpose Discovery

There are three sources of fulfillment––having strong relationships, making an impact, and experiencing growth. To optimize fulfillment, you need to know  what intrinsically motivates you––what gives you purpose. When you know what gives you purpose––combined with clarity on your story and alignment with your values––you know where you belong, and you thrive. And then, you help others find belonging and thrive. Win, win! 

Image credit: (left to right): Mike Grenville, Massimo, Krissy Venosdale. All images from Flickr Creative Commons. 


Jared, the Founder of Storytelling for Good, is an Imperative Certified Purpose Coach. Learn more about Imperative here