Are great leaders born or made? It’s a little of both.

You’re an emerging leader. You’ve got high potential, plenty of motivation, a good job, quality mentors, and lots of prospective opportunities. But what’s missing is that last bit of clear direction to get you to the next level. What you’re missing is a higher sense of purpose.

But what if you discovered that higher purpose? How would things change if you deeply understood what drives you? How would it feel to be able to articulate your purpose with hyper-clarity to others? What if every idea you had could motivate your team and inspire them to greatness?

The answer to each one of those questions? "It would be totally awesome."

Finding and living your purpose is a transformative experience. When you break out of the “high potential employee” cast and are remodeled into a purpose-driven leader, you become unstoppable.

This higher sense of purpose leads to increased confidence, fearlessness, and greater innovative thinking. You become more empathetic and inclusive, and build deeper connections with your team. You leverage your purpose-driven leadership to be more productive and efficient.

You develop your team to be purpose-driven as well. They are more incentivized, stimulated, and spurred on to do great things. 

And the purpose-driven snowball gains momentum––rolling through the organization, collecting more and more people until the entire company is filled with purpose-driven leaders. Which then reverberates to customers, clients, partners, and other valued stakeholders.

Before we know it, we're all purpose-driven. But it's up to you to kickstart the metamorphosis. 

So how does this transformational purpose-driven leadership revolution start? By using a tried and trusted recipe for success. Like any trusted recipe, the ingredients may change slightly, and the flavor of the dish may evolve over time, but the essence of the dish stays the same.

I am an Imperative Certified Purpose Coach. I invite you to dine at the Purpose-driven Leadership table. I think you'll like what I'm serving. 

Recipes for Purpose-driven Leadership

Teams: A Meal for Your Whole Family

Individuals: A Dish for Yourself


  • One innovative, empathetic, purpose-driven leader (that’s you!)
  • A team of enthusiastic people ready to grow
  • One individual Imperative purpose assessment for each team member
  • One Imperative team assessment
  • One motivated emerging leader (that’s you!)
  • One Certified Purpose Coach (that’s me!)
  • One Imperative purpose assessment
  • An ample heaping of great potential
  • A mound of willingness to grow


The finished dish: 

  • One cohesive, productive, kick-ass team
  • Proven implementable strategies to improve team dynamics
  • Stronger relationships and greater impact
  • Increased personal and professional growth
  • Solid sense of individual purpose
  • Ability to clearly articulate your story
  • Innovative, empathetic leadership that inspires and motivates others to greatness
  • Stronger relationships and greater impact
  • Increased personal and professional growth