When you practice mindfulness, you are working toward being aware of each present moment as it is happening. A simple concept, yes, but much more difficult to implement in your daily life. 

Why is it so challenging to be aware? Because your mind is always racing all over the place––rehashing events from the past and speculating about how the future may unfold. You get attached to your emotions, your feelings, your opinions, and you begin to define yourself by these thoughts that are constantly circulating around in your head.

But these thoughts distract you from who you really are. They tell an inaccurate story. When you can learn to observe your thoughts and the world around you without judging or reacting, you begin to realize that everything is temporary. This realization of impermanence helps you stay grounded and helps you understand your true story that you can present to the world.

When you detach from your thoughts, you are able to live your everyday life with clarity, authenticity, and purpose. Your true story emerges and you begin to experience a wonderful new feeling of freedom. Your confidence grows, your relationships and interactions with other people blossom, and your professional goals become attainable.