At Storytelling for Good, we care deeply about building relationships, helping you find and live your purpose, and creating communities where every person feels like they belong and has the opportunity to thrive. The following values are what guide us, and drive us to do the work we do. 

Always be open to possibility. 
Every day we are faced with decisions––some big and some minor. Each decision impacts us and others in some meaningful way. When our minds are in scarcity mode, we act out of fear and worry, and the impact of our decisions is neutral or negative. On the other hand, when we are in abundant mindset––and open to the exciting uncertainty of possibility––the impact of our decisions is overwhelmingly positive. Which is what we want in the first place.  

Always empathize and show compassion for everyone.
I was fifteen years old when my dad called and told me that his partner John died of AIDS. I was watching TV and didn’t give him my full attention. He was crying and pouring his heart out to me, and all I could do was mumble trite condolences. A few weeks later he wrote me a letter saying he was glad to hear me crying when he told me John died because it showed that I had matured and appreciated the gravity of the situation. I never told my dad that I wasn’t crying, that I just had a cold and was sniffling. My dad of died of AIDS on September 29, 2000. I miss him every day.

Always be curious and seek to fully understand.
When we remember to be curious, we realize how much we don’t know. When we show interest in things we don’t know, wonderful new ideas become available to us. When new ideas become available to us, we share and discuss these ideas with other people and establish incredible relationships. When we develop these relationships, we experience tremendous personal and professional growth. When we experience growth, we make a huge positive impact on the world. When we make a huge positive impact on the world, we remember that it all started because we were curious. So, yeah, creating belonging begins with being curious.

Always seek deep personal connection with others. 
In the fall of 2015, I was experiencing an existential crisis. I didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted to do with my life. I had very little direction or purpose; I didn't know where or to what or to whom I belonged. I worked with a coach who played a large role in transforming me into who I am today. One session, when I was worried about what I was going to do to earn a living, she asked me what I would do for work if money was not a concern. I immediately said, “I would just sit around and talk with people all day.” She suggested that I go do that. So I did.