Origin Story Coaching: Why you need this!

Before you communicate another word to anyone about your business or organization, you must know your origin story.

Knowing and sharing your origin story is absolutely essential to your success. Owning it, living it and breathing it––being it!––is the foundation for how you should communicate to your audience.

Your origin story lets your audience know why you care so much about what you do; it acts as a conduit that connects you and them; it is the platform from which you build immense trust, life-long relationships, and massive value into your brand.

What is an origin story and why is it important? 

An authentic and compelling origin story is more powerful than any other communication you or your organization will ever deliver. It is the force behind all copy, marketing materials, internal communications, presentations, and anything else that your audience will read or hear.

The process of discovering your origin story is profound story work. It is a deep exploration into who you are, what you value, and why you do what you do. Don't think that you can skip this work. You can't. It is too costly.

When you get this right, the benefits are huge. You will attract and retain loyal clients, create immediate connection and rapport with all audiences, have incredible focus and direction, and communicate your value with laser-sharp purpose and clarity.

If you get this wrong, the consequences can be dire. You will lose revenue, you will not retain customers, and you will not attract the kind of investment and business opportunities that your great ideas undoubtedly deserve.

Origin story work is intense. I work with you one-on-one to delve deep into why you do what you do. Together, we hone in on your most sacred values, identify the experiences that have shaped you as a person, find the best way to infuse your origin story into your business story, and strategize around the most compelling ways to share your story with your audience.

I have helped dozens of social entrepreneurs, mission-driven organizations, and other creative professionals discover their origin stories. The results have been truly transformative––personally and professionally. Investing in this opportunity will pay for itself a hundred times over.

All it takes is a little authenticity, a little vulnerability, and a clear vision for the success that your company will enjoy once you communicate its awesome value effectively.

Origin story packages: How does it work? 

1. We always begin our work together with purpose discovery. It's essential that you know what drives your work––what are your values and what are the stories that convey those values to your audience? 

2. Once you have this foundation, we go deeper into the strategy around how to use your story in your work. With further insights into why your story matters, your mindset shifts and you are ready to tell your story to the world. This new perspective will allow you to use your story in a variety of strategic situations: networking, giving presentations or keynotes, in informal conversations, with prospective clients, investor pitches, and much more. 

3. Sometimes you'll want to put your story in writing. If you like––after we have worked together on your story––I offer content development, editing, and copywriting services––such as an about page; a compelling bio; mission, vision, and values statements; LinkedIn profiles; or cover or client letters. 

To learn more about getting started on discovering your origin story, book a free 30-minute consultation.