Signature Talks


How leading with curiosity creates a psychologically safe environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute.


How to use your intrinsic motivators to lead with empathy and inclusion.

Telling Stories in a Professional Setting

How to harness the power of vulnerability to connect, build trust, and inspire others to greatness.

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Jared is a dynamic, engaging and heart-centered speaker. He shows up fully and authentically, in service to the audience.
— Brigette Iarrusso, International Coach, Speaker, and Leadership Trainer
Jared is not afraid to go deep and bring out the underlying issues in an engaging and thought provoking way.
— Michelle Waite, Conscious Capitalism Event Chair

creating memorable experiences

In his article entitled Why Panels Suck, Reid Hoffman blasts panelists and facilitators for being dull, shallow, and uninspiring. He's right––most of them are.

Speakers too. It's as if they don't see their opportunity to give the audience something memorable, make human connections, or provide some insight that will motivate them to action. 

But not me. Anytime I'm on stage––whether it's participating or facilitating a panel, giving a keynote talk, or sitting down for a fireside chat––my number one goal is to inspire. 

 Breaking Glass Forums Allyship Panel, hosted by Pandora

Breaking Glass Forums Allyship Panel, hosted by Pandora

Jared’s stage presence and authenticity let the audience really connect with him.
— Megan Morrice, Presidio Graduate School

sharing compelling stories

I do that by being vulnerable, telling compelling stories, challenging the status quo, and sharing a point of view that people will ponder for days and weeks after they leave. 

I see public speaking as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, spark dialogue, and affect change.

I offer three signature talks: they are each customizable for length and audience.

Jared has such easy command of how to connect with people.
— Alvin Ziegler, Guest Speaker Organizer to Project Xygote
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