Purpose-driven teams are innovative teams 

When each member of a team knows his or her intrinsic motivators––and is led by a purpose-driven leader––the team transforms from a group of individuals who happen to work together to a tight-knit unit that is more cohesive, productive, and efficient.

Purpose-driven teams are more incentivized, stimulated, and spurred on to do great things.

Purpose-driven teams transform organizations

One team's greatness inspires other teams to be great as well. The purpose-driven snowball gains momentum––rolling through the organization, collecting more and more people until the entire company is filled with purpose-driven leaders and teams. Which then reverberates to customers, clients, partners, and other valued stakeholders. 

How, then, does a pretty good team become a great purpose-driven team? Similar to becoming a purpose-driven leader, developing purpose-driven teams follows a tried and trusted architectural blueprint for success. Together, we can build a bridge that takes you across the chasm of averageness to the land of innovation and transformation. 

Sound good? Let's build that bridge for your team. 

Blueprint for Purpose-driven Team Development

Materials needed to build the bridge: 

  • One innovative, empathetic, purpose-driven leader
  • A team of enthusiastic people ready to connect with themselves and each other
  • One individual Imperative purpose assessment for each team member
  • One Imperative team assessment

Where the bridge leads your team: 

  • One cohesive, productive, kick-ass team
  • Proven implementable strategies to improve team dynamics
  • Stronger relationships within the team and with others
  • Greater impact and meaning in your work
  • Increased personal and professional growth