I met Jared at a pitch competition when we were introduced by my COO. I have always believed in the power of personal and professional story to build passion and credibility for what we do at Savonix. While I had been coached by brilliant TED speaking coaches and other coaches, Jared worked with me to go deep. We identified my core values as a CEO and more critically what experiences had driven that set of values. We worked together to create a template of talking points for me to easily engage around both my personal narrative as a CEO and also the corporate narrative of Savonix and why our company exists. I highly recommend Jared to help you call out the best in yourself around why you do what you do. To quote Simon Sinek, people buy why you do what you do, not what you do or how you do it. Jared is a master.
— Mylea Charvat, PhD, CEO of Savonix

The information Jared imparted about brand storytelling was more than just useful––it transformed the way I thought about representing my brand. He gave me practical, immediately actionable tips that enable my brand to speak to my target client and stand out above the noise. It’s a common mistake that many small companies and solopreneurs starting out don’t want to put too much of themselves into their output, for fear of it being ‘all about them’. Far from being self-centered or irrelevant, Jared explains how the specific stories of self and how they relate to business values, allows trust-building and connection with your audience. After our meeting, I reimagined my brand values with the eye-opening new information I’d learned. This is just the beginning; I aim to infuse my creative output with the story threads I’d discovered during the session. The interesting thing is, the stories are already in you––they just need to be teased out and made relevant to your clientele. Thank you Jared for this vitally useful information!
— Zoe Larkin, Intimate Wedding Photographer

Our work with Jared re-framed for us on a deep level how we think of our business and how we talk about what we do. We are now able to communicate more clearly to our clients all that we are capable of, and it has opened up new doors and opportunities. Jared’s ability to put himself in our shoes to really understand our business and our goals is truly exceptional. By asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way, he very quickly honed in on what our company does and what we were looking for. With his help we have transformed a bunch of arbitrary information into a truly remarkable and inspiring story.
— Dan and Julie Roll

The most impressive thing about working with Jared was not merely his ability to find compelling and concise language to communicate the important messaging of my new business, but his full integration and immersion into the process and journey of what I’m working on. It was clear from the start that Jared is more than just a good storyteller and writer––skills integral to the services he provides; he’s also a connector, a thought partner, and a relationship builder. In short, he’s all about people––and this made our working relationship less transactional and much more collaborative. I really enjoyed working with Jared and will use him again when the need arises.
— Salvador D'Auvergne

Jared offered useful and compassionate critique that caused me to fully redesign the content of my website. But he didn’t leave me at critique. He helped me map my whole communication strategy on the web, centering on my personal narrative that drives my passion. I highly recommend working with him!
— Kyle Brooks

Jared helped our organization collect stories from our grantees, partners, and leaders to help celebrate our organization’s one-year anniversary. He understood the vision of the project as related to our needs as well as the overarching mission of our work. Jared was an excellent representative of our organization in his interviews and story gathering.
— Rachel Garcia James
I knew ‘what’ my story was, and I knew very well ‘how’ I got to where I am, but I was having trouble telling my story in a succinct and authentic way. In just a few conversations in person and online, Jared helped me understand that I needed to be mindful of my ‘why’ and lead with that. If you want to get clear on how to tell your story, Jared can help.
— Francisco Fuentes, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
Working with Jared was a joy from start to finish. He took time to really understand the vision and goals for the piece I was working on. Since he really understood the style and voice that I was going for, his suggestions were right on-point. We had an incredible in-person session where we discussed and brainstormed various ways of approaching my storytelling. I walked away from that session, motivated, clear on my vision, and excited to get home and do the rewrites we had discussed. Jared’s enthusiasm for telling a compelling story is infectious and his feedback is skillful. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to work on another writing project with him!
— Virginia Wilcox, Writer and Actor
I sought out Jared’s storytelling expertise in order to strengthen my own professional narrative while job searching. He leveraged his experience as an educator to coach me one-on-one with my writing and gave me tips/tricks on how to catch the eye of a future employer by using a strong anecdote in my cover letter. His advice and encouragement were so helpful in figuring out how to share my experience in a compelling way. Thank you, Jared!
— Rachel Koslofsky, Amigos de las Americas
Jared is a gifted coach and mentor. By listening deeply, asking insightful questions, and staying grounded in a perspective of mindfulness, he helped me radically shift my perspective on an issue that was challenging me. In the course of a brief conversation, my state of mind was truly transformed! Thanks, Jared, for helping me move to a place of more clarity and peace!
— Raine, college counselor