Everything is story. And story is simply truth well told. The concept really is that simple. The opportunity and responsibility we have as storytellers, then, is to tap into the nuances and subtleties that make those stories come alive, give voice to the voiceless, and inspire and motivate others to create positive change. Knowing which stories to tell, how to tell them, and who to tell them to makes all the difference in the world. 

With my background as a teacher, presenter, writer, and citizen of the global community, I have become very adept at connecting people and ideas through the power of story. But it's not just about me; I want to share my story knowledge, my personal experiences, and my professional expertise with you so that you and your organization can connect with your audience in compelling and influential ways.

Whether you need regular content writing and content strategy to consistently share your or your organization's story; a speaker to inspire or motivate an audience of any size; or a workshop presenter or panel facilitator to engage and challenge people to see the world from a new perspective, I can help. 

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