What services do we offer to help create cultures of belonging?

I believe that true learning occurs when a clear behavioral transformation takes place.

For individuals who are feeling isolated or overwhelmed, teams that are disconnected or lack cohesion, and organizations that haven’t quite figured out how to be inclusive to all employees, a behavioral transformation is exactly what needs to happen.

But change is hard, and rarely can you do it on your own. You need guidance, you need frameworks, you need accountability and encouragement––you need help from people who do this work for a living. People who can see what you don’t see, who will listen to what's not working for you and come up with sustainable and scalable solutions––people who believe to their core that when people feel like they belong, they thrive.

You need a new mindset––and that’s where I come in. So how can I help?


1-on-1 Coaching

For the individual contributor experiencing isolation, the new manager who's overwhelmed, or the aspiring leader feeling stuck, I offer a personalized coaching program that will help you get your story straight, identify your intrinsic motivators, and find alignment based on your values––all so you can optimize your impact and create an inclusive culture of belonging for yourself and your team. You have all this in you; I just help you bring it out.

Inclusive Leadership 

Ideal for established managers and aspiring leaders, my leadership training program helps you tap into your true purpose so you can help your team members realize theirs. How do you create an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong––and thrives? By showing vulnerability, leading with curiosity, and always empathizing, that's how. Want more innovation, productivity, and creativity from your team? It starts with the leader.  

Team Building

What if each member of your team––including the leader––had hyper clarity on their why? And what if every member of the team knew everyone else's why? You'd have a kick-ass cohesive team where everyone feels like they belong, and thrives––that's what! Designed for teams of four to ten people, my team building facilitated experiences emphasize relationships––building trust and forging deep connections––so that every person can bring their best self to work.