I work with a variety of clients––solo entrepreneurs, startup founders, heads of organizations, filmmakers––in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. What all my clients have in common is a strong belief that the work they're doing is making a positive social impact on the world. They come to me to help them get their story straight, so they can do that even better. 

Examples of clients I work with include:

• New organizations figuring out their mission, vision, target audience
• Entrepreneurs and freelancers pitching themselves and their services to perspective clients
• Filmmakers, artists, and other creatives looking for the best way to craft their stories
• Pivoting organizations looking to transform their current story
• Entrepreneurs hoping to grow their business by expanding into new markets
• Job seekers who need help with LinkedIn profiles, resumes, cover letters, interview techniques

My special areas of expertise are in:

• Education and youth services
• Social justice and equity
• Diversity and inclusion
• LGBT rights
• Mindfulness
• Urban justice and issues of accessibility 

If you or your organization are mission-driven and trying to improve the world with your services, I want to hear your story. 

Photos by Rachel Koslofsky