I work with a variety of clients––social entrepreneurs, mission-driven organizations, and other creative professionals––in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors. What all my clients have in common is a strong belief that the work they're doing is making a positive social impact on the world. They come to me to help them get their story straight, so they can do that even better. 

I work with: 

Creative Professionals: 
• job seekers
• filmmakers
• artists and writers
• coaches

Social Entrepreneurs:
• startup founders
• change makers
• innovators

Mission-driven organizations: 
• nonprofits
• social enterprises
• D&I leaders
• marketing, communications departments                                             

If you're trying to change the world, and need some help telling people why and how you're doing that, we should talk. I'd love to hear what you're working on. 

Photos by Rachel Koslofsky