purpose-driven leadership

There are three types of purpose-driven leaders. Which one are you? 

Impact-driven Leaders

. . .focus on the outcomes your work has on real people.


Values-driven Leaders

. . .focus on advocating for what you believe is the right thing to do.


Craft-driven Leaders

. . .focus on ensuring a high quality standard of work.


We are all driven by intrinsic motivators. These drivers help you understand who you are focused on impacting, why you do what you do, and how you leverage your superpower to make that impact. Your leadership style is defined by your dominant motivator. Knowing your leadership style will shape your perspective for:

  • assessing your past decision-making 
  • optimizing your present opportunities, and
  • defining a solid structure and strategy moving forward

If you want to lead with more intentionality, inspire your team to greatness, be in constant alignment with what motivates you, and create a sustainable and innovative culture of belonging, knowing your leadership style is a must.

Leverage your leadership style for greater impact

When you know your purpose-driven leadership style, you can be very intentional about creating a strong structure for yourself moving forward. You can also look for patterns from your past and begin to construct a compelling personal and professional narrative that is in alignment with you are and who you want to be. 

Empower Your Team

When everyone on your team also knows their intrinsic motivators and leadership styles, you can leverage the superpowers of the entire team to transform the way you work together. Relationships are stronger, growth takes place at a faster rate, and the work has more meaning. This all leads to more innovation, efficiency, productivity, and––what we all want in the first place––greater impact. 

What is purpose and why does it matter? 

When you live with purpose you are fulfilled. You are fulfilled when you have great relationships, make a meaningful impact, and experience personal and professional growth. The stronger your relationships, the more impact you make, and the greater growth you experience, the more purpose you will have in your life. 

Understanding your purpose allows you to answer questions that are otherwise difficult to answer: 

  • Who am I at my best? 
  • What brings me joy at work?
  • How can I lead authentically?
  • How should I get involved in the community? 
  • Where can I make the impact that matters to me?
  • How do I stay inspired?
  • What is my legacy?

Everyone––including you––has a purpose. Sometimes you may just need help discovering it. 

What happens when you activate purpose?

You make more money. 


You get more done. 


You develop better leaders. 


Data from Imperative used with permission.