Social entrepreneurs, socially conscious organizations, and diversity & inclusion professionals depend on me to write engaging content that is accessible to readers, highly relevant and topical, and establishes them as a thought leader in their respective industry.

I am the Lead Content Writer for Change Catalyst's Tech Inclusion blog, and I write regularly on LinkedIn about diversity and inclusion, storytelling, and mindfulness, among other topics.

I also am available to help you and your company with your writing needs. Below are the writing, content strategy, and editing services that I can provide for you. I’ve included links to relevant pieces so you can get a sense of my work.

Articles and Blog Posts

Whether you need regular content for your blog; updates on what’s going on with your company; feature pieces on clients, partners, or employees; commentary or opinions on the state of your industry; or personal narratives that will resonate with and inspire your readers, I have a wealth of ideas that I’m ready to share with you and your audience.

Outcolor: The Future of Tech for the Black and Brown Community
Sorority Racism
Architecting a Culture of Belonging

Event Promotion and Recap

You’ve got an event coming up, and you want people to come. How about an article telling everyone how great it’s going to be? I can do that. And then I can go to your event, and write a recap telling everyone who couldn’t be there how great it was.

She Scales Event Recap: How to Democratize Access to Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Bios or About Me Pages

Don’t tell me you’ve got an old boring, stale bio that lists all your accomplishments and where you went to college, and meanwhile does absolutely nothing to inspire, connect, or build trust with whoever is reading it. And you wrote it in third person? Oh no!

The good news is that I can help you with that. I can help you craft a narrative that shows people who you really are and why you do what you do––a bio that will be so intriguing, that readers won’t be able to help but reach out and connect.

Educate78 School Design Lab Fellows
Educate78 Teacher Advisory Group
Dan Roll, Co-Founder of Talk Solutions for Schools


You’re a busy executive or startup founder and you don’t have the bandwidth to share your awesomeness with the world. I get it, but that’s not good. How can you be a thought leader if you don’t get your thoughts out there? The answer is, you can’t. But I can help.

It’s a simple process. We talk for a bit, you tell me what you want to say and how you want to say it, point me to some other resources that I can use in the piece, and I write something in your name. The result is that you become a recognized thought leader, which makes sense because they’re your thoughts––I just helped draw them out of you and make them look neat on the screen.

I’ve done ghostwriting for people such as. . . just kidding, I can’t tell you who they are; but I can tell you that they’re leaders in tech, education, diversity & inclusion, and other fields. And I can tell you that their pieces have been published in Forbes, Inc, EdSurge, and other prominent publications. I’d share links, but, well, you understand. . .


The best copy is based in story––not just clever wordsmithing and catchy slogans. I’m most interested in helping you create and craft inspiring stories that are true reflections of you or your company, and that readers remember long after they’ve left your website. Often, people ask me to do some copy for them after they’ve been a story coaching client of mine. It’s a natural progression.

The Outco Program
Loakl: Why Support Independent Bookstores?
Odyssey Wealth Design: Why Odyssey Wealth Design and The Family Office Experience

Editing and Content Strategy

Sometimes you’ve already got stuff written, and you just need someone to look it over and make sure it’s ready to be shared with the world. And believe me, if you’re not an editor, you’re going to miss important things that may seem minor, but that will reflect poorly on you and your brand.

Copy editing
There’s things that I see that others don’t, like the ubiquitous misuse of “there’s”––short for “there is”––instead of “there are” when referring to plurals; or going back to 1997 and putting two spaces after a period.  Like that. It may seem minor, but these errors really bring down the value of your brand. And you don’t want that.

Whether it’s a one-page blog post or client letter, a white paper, or a full manuscript, I can make sure all the grammar, syntax, and punctuation are as they should be. Which just makes what you’ve written look even more brilliant. And you do want that.

Developmental editing
What is a developmental edit? It’s where you’ve got a draft of something, and I make suggestions for how it can be developed into something totally awesome. Yes, this involves some copy editing, but whereas copy editing focuses on the technical stuff, developmental editing focuses on the ideas. How do we say what you want to say in the most compelling, authentic, and inspiring way possible?

I did this for nearly a decade as a writing teacher, and now I can do it for you. Don’t send something out into the world that isn’t as good as it could be. That would be a wasted opportunity. And I don’t want that for you.

Thought Partnership
I believe that thought partnership is one of the most underused and under appreciated services out there. Why don’t people value it as much as they should? Because it’s not as tangible as other services. But when you’re in your own little bubble, you often miss out on perspectives that someone––like me, for example––from outside that world can bring to the discussion.

A natural collaborator, I’m an expert thought partner. I can build on your ideas and make them better, strategize on how to deliver the biggest impact with written content, and co-create with you messaging that is powerful, substantive, and highly relatable. You want that.

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If you are interested in exploring how I can help you with your writing, editing, or content strategy needs, please book a free 30-minute call with me. I look forward to seeing how we can collaborate. Write on.